Marketing & Loyalty Program

Go beyond great food, earn customer loyalty.Boost customer loyalty, Increase customer engagement

Go beyond a meal, and foster loyalty to your restaurant

One solution, five key benefits:

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Increased Customer Interaction

Higher Sales Revenue

Easy Management of Memberships & Promotions

Brand Promotion

Marketing & Loyalty

Boost your restaurant marketing
and power your branding!

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Features for Marketing

Designated Account Manager

Quality multi-language communication

Regular strategic support

Advanced Data Analysis

Traffic dashboards with smart data analysis

Optimized Google Business Profile

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective Advertising Strategies

Effective Advertising Strategies

Features for Marketing

Social-Media Marketing and Management

Extra 10% off from all Yelp ads via Yelp Partner Program

Facebook/Google advertising

Professional Google Adwords service

Event Planning & Promotion

Customized marketing plans

Holiday promotions

Visual Design Services

Holiday and event posters

New product release poster

Free Promotion Materials

Customize graphic design tailored to your needs 

Printed materials shipped to you for free

Text Marketing

Text marketing empowers restaurants to promote offers, send reminders, share updates, gather feedback, implement loyalty programs, and provide real-time updates.

It enhances customer engagement, boosts sales, fosters loyalty, and improves overall communication, contributing to the success and growth of the restaurant.

Promote and share exciting events and happenings at your restaurant

Introduce and promote your latest culinary creations

Share special offers to drive revenue

Build brand awareness and long-standing relationships with your customer

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs help restaurants retain customers, increase repeat business, personalize marketing, boost sales, and foster engagement.

By offering incentives and gathering data, restaurants can build customer loyalty, enhance the dining experience, and achieve long-term success.

Connect with customers automatically by SMS

Increase more customer Visits

Track diner performance

Gain returning customers easily

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