MenuSifu POS is specifically designed for restaurants

MenuSifu POS is known for its ease of use and ability to integrate with other restaurant management tools.
With MenuSifu POS, restaurants can increase efficiency and accuracy.


MenuSifu POS offers
one-stop solutions for restaurants

Stable operation

Payment security

Easy to get started

Cloud backup

Mobile report

Data analysis

24/7 bilingual customer service

Multi-language system

Employee management

POS Lite

A simplified restaurant point-of-sale system.  
Designed for smaller restaurants or cafes.

Including basic functions such as order taking, payment processing, and reporting. Also offering inventory management and customer relationship management capabilities.

Effective solution for small restaurants, without the need for extensive hardware or complex setup.



Easy to use

Affordable price

The system design and portability make it ideal for
restaurants, cafes, and retail businesses.

Additionally, MenuSifu POS Pad is designed to integrate with a variety of other systems and devices, such as receipt printers, cash drawers, to provide a complete and efficient solution for business.

M Box

The MenuSifu Box ( M Box) is a new type of POS data center designed for the operation, management, data storage, and analysis of various types of restaurants.

Best price, low cost

Powerful Data Storage Center

Multi-language switchability

Dual cloud-local backup

Lightweight Hardware

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