Full Service

Full-service restaurants attract customers who are looking for a complete dining experience with a more formal atmosphere compared to fast food or casual dining restaurants. MenuSifu provides a variety of services like POS, online ordering, E-menu, marketing tools, and loyalty programs to full-service restaurants.

Streamlining Operations

POS helps restaurants manage orders, track inventory, and generate reports.

Online ordering allows customers to order from their phone or computer, which saves time and reduces errors in restaurant operations.

Cloud Menu allow restaurants to manage menus anywhere anytime: add new items, update prices, and make changes to descriptions

Increasing Sales

Online ordering increases sales and provides a convenient option for customers.

Professional marketing service helps restaurants to create promotions, attracting new customers.

Loyalty programs can incentivize customers to come back and make repeat purchases.

Improving Customer Experience

Order as customers get seated, reduce customers wait time

Dedicated food pictures on E-menu help customers make better order decisions

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