Cafe and Bakery

No matter if your customer wants to grab a coffee to-go or wants to sit down and enjoy a bite of croissant,
the MenuSifu POS machine makes both situations a piece of cake.

Guest Friendly Features

Customer-facing display enables customers to interact with cafes and bakeries. increasing order accuracy and leave tips with a single click.

Customizable menu display, it does not matter if the customer wants light ice or an extra shot, the interface is easy to manage.

Order from MenuSifu Kiosk, preset your menu categories and add-on options, let customers decide their unique flavor.

Keep Restaurant More Organized

Separate in-store, to-go, and takeout orders; make sure every order is being sent to the right place to the right people at the right time.

Employee-friendly interface, table management system track conditions of each table and schedule with the most flexibility 

Data Speaks Louder

Keep track of your ingredient when you have massive orders and turnover

Set replenishment alert to avoid shortage of popular dishes, make sure there is enough coffee bean in the machine and the next batch of cake is ready

Visualize data and reports better show your restaurant sales performance,make adjustment immediately after observing anomolies

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