Frequently asked questions

What services does MenuSifu provide?

MenuSifu provides services including POS, restaurant management solutions, online ordering system, payment integration, and report analysis. Our goal is to help restaurants improve efficiency, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience through innovative technology and comprehensive solutions.

Which regions does MenuSifu serve?

MenuSifu serves the North American region (United States and Canada), Singapore, and Japan. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and services to restaurants in the above areas.

What are the advantages of MenuSifu?

MenuSifu's advantages lie in our innovative technology, comprehensive solutions, and excellent customer support. We combine advanced software and hardware technology to provide restaurants with efficient management tools and a sophisticated order processing system. Our solutions are highly customizable to adapt to the needs of different types and scales of restaurants. Additionally, our bilingual customer support team is available 24/7 to answer questions, address concerns, provide technical support and training, ensuring that restaurants can make full use of our services.

How can I contact MenuSifu customer service?

To contact MenuSifu's customer service team, you can reach us through the following methods:
Sales line: (212) 966 - 5888
Tech Support: (888) 809 - 8867
Online support: Contact us through the MenuSifu official website's live chat or submit a support form to get in touch with us.


What features does MenuSifu POS offer?

MenuSifu POS is a powerful restaurant ordering system that provides comprehensive management and payment solutions for restaurants. MenuSifu POS offers features such as order placement, table management, inventory management, report analysis, staff management, delivery integration, payment integration, and waitlist reservation system.

Which industries does MenuSifu POS cater to?

MenuSifu POS is suitable for various food and beverage industries, including but not limited to restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, bars, and nightclubs. Whether it's a single establishment or a multi-store chain, MenuSifu POS can be customized and configured according to the specific needs of different industries to meet the operational and management requirements of restaurants.

What payment methods does MenuSifu POS support?

MenuSifu POS supports various payment methods, including but not limited to Apple Pay, credit cards, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. We strive to provide diverse payment options to accommodate the payment preferences of different regions and customers.


What features does MenuSifu Kiosk offer?

MenuSifu Kiosk is an advanced self-service ordering system that provides a convenient order process and exceptional customer experience for restaurants. MenuSifu Kiosk offers features such as self-ordering, menu display, customization options, payment integration, and multilingual support.

Which industries does MenuSifu Kiosk cater to?

MenuSifu Kiosk is suitable for various food and beverage industries, including but not limited to restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, and self-service restaurants. It is especially suitable for scenarios that require efficient self-ordering processes and personalized options to provide better customer experience and order management.

Can I add special requests in the Kiosk system?

For special requests, the MenuSifu Kiosk system allows customers to add special requests during the ordering process, such as food allergies, vegetarian options, and cooking preferences. Customers can add notes or special requests in the customization options to ensure their dietary needs are met.

What payment methods does MenuSifu Kiosk support?

MenuSifu Kiosk supports multiple payment methods, including but not limited to credit cards, Apple Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. You can configure suitable payment methods based on your restaurant's requirements and the payment habits of the region.

Can I view my sales and transaction history in the Kiosk system?

Yes, you can view sales and transaction history in the MenuSifu Kiosk system. The system records order details, payment information, and transaction details, allowing you to easily track sales data and transaction history.


Can I customize my menu and set prices?

Yes, you can customize your menu and set prices. MenuSifu provides flexible menu management features that allow you to customize the menu, add, edit, and delete dishes, and set prices according to your restaurant's needs. You can adjust the menu and prices flexibly based on dish characteristics, seasonal changes, and market demands to meet your restaurant's operational strategy and market competition.

What types of menus can MenuSifu support?

MenuSifu provides various types of menus to accommodate different food and beverage industries and cuisines. No matter what type of the restaurant you run, MenuSifu can provide menu customization and management functionalities accordingly.

Multi-location Management

Can I use the MenuSifu multi-location management to manage staff and permissions?

Yes, you can use the MenuSifu multi-location management to manage staff and permissions. The central management system provides employee management features that allow you to easily add, delete, and manage employee information. You can assign roles and permissions to each employee to control their operations and access in the system. This ensures system security and data confidentiality based on the responsibilities and duties of each employee.

Can I set roles for employees?

In addition to employee management and permission settings, the MenuSifu CMS supports role settings. You can create custom roles for different employee positions and assign corresponding permissions to each role. This allows for more flexible management and control of employee operations and access.

Does the MenuSifu Central Management System support sales and inventory reports?

The MenuSifu CMS provides sales and inventory reporting features. You can easily access and view sales reports to understand key metrics such as restaurant sales, popular dishes, and sales trends. Additionally, you can view and analyze inventory reports to track inventory levels, dish consumption, and supply chain management. These reports and analysis help you makemore accurate business decisions and optimize restaurant operational efficiency.

Online Ordering

How long does it take to set up online ordering?

With MealKeyway Online Ordering, you can launch online ordering for your restaurant in 2-3 business days. To start, you provide the menu, prices and inventory. We set up online ordering for you at no additional cost.

Does Online Ordering link to a 3rd party website?

No, Online Ordering lives on your website. Online Ordering keeps guests on your domain to complete their transaction.

What settings do I have control over with Online Ordering?

You have full control over online ordering. You can decide pickup times, lead times and what information your guests see when they place an order. You also have access to order history and the guest database. You can easily access and export this information to re-market to your guests.

Do I need a MealKeyway website to sign up for Online Ordering?

No, you do not need a MealKeyway website to sign up for Online Ordering. We provide you with a URL to an Online Ordering standalone experience. You can link to this URL from an existing website or social media.


What payment methods does MenuSifu Payment support?

MenuSifu Payment supports multiple payment methods, including credit card payment, debit card payment, mobile payment, Alipay, and WeChat Pay, among others. Our goal is to provide flexible and convenient payment options to accommodate the payment preferences and habits of different customers.

Is MenuSifu Payment secure and reliable?

The security and reliability of MenuSifu Payment are highly important to us. We employ industry-standard security technology and encryption measures to protect your and your customers' payment data and transaction information. We are committed to providing a secure payment environment to ensure the safety and reliability of your payment process.


Does MenuSifu Marketing require additional fees?

We do not charge any additional service fees.

Does MenuSifu Marketing support social media management?

Yes, MenuSifu Marketing supports social media management. Our marketing solution provides social media management tools to help you manage and promote your restaurant brand's presence on social media platforms.

Contactless Solution

Does MenuSifu Contactless Ordering support multiple languages?

Yes, MenuSifu Contactless Ordering supports multi-language functionality. We understand the diversity and language requirements of the global food and beverage industry. Therefore, our solution offers multi-language support to conveniently cater to the language preferences and cultural differences of different customers. Customers can choose their preferred language to easily browse menus, place orders, and complete payments, among other operations.

Business Financing

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What is the minimum time in business requirement for getting a loan?

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Who is eligible to join the MenuSifu Affiliate Partner program?

Those involved in the upstream and downstream supply chain of the restaurant industry.

How much will I earn for a referral?

You can earn up to $460 for each successful referral.

Once a referral is submitted, when will I receive payment?

Payment will be issued to the affiliate partner in the following month after the referral opportunity has been fully paid.