MenuSifu POS and E-menu can help seafood restaurants pay attention to the quality of ingredients,
adjust the menus based on seasonal availability and connect weight scale to your MenuSifu POS system.

Simplify Operations

Increase order efficiency with handheld POS and iPad order.

Easily manage your menus with Cloud system, add new items and update price with one click.

Connect weight scale to your POS; weight, order and pay with one machine

Smart Inventory Management

Real time inventory changes and replenishment reminder make sure your seafood is fresh and enough

Get insights on restaurant inventory patterns from build-in inventory reports, plan your inventory better and avoid wastes.

Increasing Sales

MenuSifu's marketing service helps restaurants create promotions, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The CRM system offers loyalty programs that incentivize customers to return to the restaurant and make repeat purchases.

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