MenuSifu Scan to Order is a one-stop ordering and payment
solution to grow your business with efficiency and convenience.

Maximize your profits, save your time, and deliver the ultimate dining
experience to your customers with MenuSifu Scan to Order.

Pay first, eat later.
Help restaurants speed up table turnover. 
Increase order volume by

With Scan to Order, the order process becomes streamlined, reducing waiting times and increasing table turnover. This efficiency allows restaurants to serve more customers in less time, maximizing their revenue potential.

Reduce restaurant operating costs.
Decrease labor expenses for restaurants.
Small and medium-sized restaurants can save an average of

By implementing Scan to Order, restaurants can reduce labor costs by minimizing the need for servers to take orders manually. Customers can directly place their orders using their own devices, eliminating the need for waitstaff to write down orders.

Enhancing Customer Dining ExperienceSimultaneous ordering for the entire table, with real-time updates in the backend.Smarter, more convenient, and faster.

Scan to Order offers a seamless and convenient experience for customers. They can easily access the digital menu, browse through options, customize orders, and make payments from their own devices. This eliminates the need to wait for a server and provides greater control over the ordering process.

With Scan to Order, customers can take their time to make choices, reducing pressure and improving overall satisfaction. The system can also provide real-time updates on order status, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout their dining experience.

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