Chain Restaurant

It does not matter how many stores you currently have or how many you are planning to have in the future.
MenuSifu Data Center, Inventory, and Cloud Menu help you simplify, standardize and streamline your multi-store management.

Connect Stores Tight

Real-time sales analytics and inventory reports not in one store, but in ALL stores.

Compare and contrast performance with other stores. See the problems sooner.

Upload Cloud Menu and apply changes to all stores instantly.

Count the leftovers, and shop for all stores in a single time

Employee Friendly Interface

Reduce training cost, get all employees ready at once.

Multi-language setting, switch language in one click, smooth handover between employees that read different languages

Cross-location Customer Analysis

Get to know the latest trend in all locations, analyze the best-selling dishes and know your customer better

Launch CRM programs to gain loyal customers; turn customers into frequent diners, sell gift cards, and let customers use them in all locations

Collect customer data from all stores and get ready for future chain expansion.

Send marketing messages for new stores promotion,get your new store on track sooner.

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