MenuSifu X Happy Cashier

The ultimate solution for restaurant management enhancing restaurant efficiency with MenuSifu crafting autonomous dining with Happy Cashier

Virtual Solution (MenuSifu X Happy Cashier)

Manage restaurant remotely, shaping restaurant future with our virtual solution


Increase Efficiency

Perfect Match

Automated Transaction

Remote Management

Enhance Restaurant Security

Two System, One Solution

Unified Platform

MenuSifu POS and Happy Cashier seamlessly integrate into one platform, eliminating the need for separate systems.

Effortless Coordination

Orders placed through MenuSifu POS are instantly visible on the virtual cashier screen, ensuring smooth communication between front-of-house and remote staff.

Centralized Control

Staff can manage orders, payments, and monitoring from a single interface, simplifying operations and reducing complexity.

Management Restaurant with Flexibility

Real-Time Feedback

Monitor real-time sales, inventory, and staff performance

Remote Management

Adjust menu items, pricing, and promotions on the fly to meet changing demand

Boost Restaurant Efficiency

Automated Transactions

Payments are processed automatically through integration on MenuSifu POS, monitored by remote professionals, reducing errors and speeding up the checkout process.

Reduce Labor Cost

The integrated solution helps lower the need for additional on-site labor, reducing cost and maximizing restaurant productivity

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide fast, contactless, and autonomous dining experience, enhance overall customer dining experience

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