MenuSifu X Hestia

Smart solution from front of house to back of house seamlessly integrate POS with kitchen automation.

Automation Solution(MenuSifu X Hestia)

Innovating the Kitchen with POS & Stir-fry Robot Integration


Seamless Integration

Fast Table Turnover

Real-time Monitoring

Instant Transmission

Optimized Management

Enhanced Experience

Integrating Two Systems as One

Perfect Coordination

Enjoy flawless coordination from front to back through the integration of MenuSifu POS and Hestia Stir-fry Robot.

Instant Order Transmission

Orders placed through MenuSifu POS are instantly transmitted to Hestia Stir-fry Robot, minimizing delays and starting cooking immediately.

Improve Order Accuracy

Reduce possible manual errors, improve overall order accuracy.

Receive Consistent Feedback from Both Ends

Order Update

Monitor kitchen operations in real-time through the MenuSifu POS dashboard, track order status anytime.

Efficient Labor Allocation

Optimize front-end staff capacity and provide better customer service, lower the need for extra kitchen staff, reduce restaurant costs.

Data Analytics

Analyze kitchen performance to identify trends, opportunities and areas for improvement.

Boost Restuarant Efficiency

Streamline Restaurant Operation

From order to table in 3 minutes, effectively reduce wait time and increase restaurant turnover.

Optimize Inventory Management

MenuSifu POS tracks inventory levels in real-time, while Hestia Stir-fry Robot standardizes ingredient usage and flavor, preventing stockouts and optimizing ingredient usage.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer dining experience and loyalty with faster service and higher-quality meals.

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