USezPay is a comprehensive payment processing
company servicing merchants



USEZPAY committed to providing cutting edge solutions for the Card-Present and Card-Not-Present.

All products seamlessly integrate into the customer's current business environment, and help businesses reach their full potential with Point-of-Sales from MenuSifu.


Secure Transactions

All transactions are monitored and encrypted with advanced fraud and protection services, keeping you and your customers' data safe.

Integrated Solutions

The Processor is integrated with your POS system and e-commerce platform, making it easier to run your business.

24 / 7 Support

Call us any time of day or night and our expert advisors will be at your service. We speak with you via call, WeChat, and other remote assistance tools.


The Processor is user-friendly, which creates a seamless checkout experience for your clients. Happy clients mean more revenue for your business.

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