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Menusifu, Inc. is a promising American software company which founded in 2013 in New York City, provides the best restaurant POS systems. We at Menusifu, are keen on providing you an intelligent yet fine dining experience and ordering system for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Our advanced system streamlines every function of a restaurant to strive for an error-free environment for business in Food and Services industry. Restaurants operation has never been easier but it can be with our products. We serve the restaurants by providing multiple products that can optimize expenses, increase revenue, enhance management and accommodate the needs of the internet era. We collectively work every day to make sure that restaurant operations get easier and efficient.


We at Menusifu provide restaurants of all sizes with sustainable solutions. Presently, Menusifu is the market leader in the Asian-American restaurant community optimizing restaurants in all 50 states with 24/7 technical support based in the United States. Operations management systems, including supply chain, staff coordination, customer relationship management tools, are just a few of the solutions we offer to the restaurant industry. We are continuously working on the sustainable plan for making the restaurant business easier.

This is Us…

“I always feel proud when I get called a foodie! I started in the food industry over 10 years ago as a busboy. Through hard work, and lots of positions in between, I became a restaurant manager. From my personal experience, I know full well how difficult and stressful it is to run your own restaurant.

What inspired me to create Menusifu was hearing all the horrible stories from my fellow restaurant owners. Some have lost their entire life savings due to poor, but avoidable, decisions. It became clear to me that their main problem was in the old-school, chaotic concept of restaurant operation. With my background in tech, I realized that these problems could be solved, and that I could unite my past experiences and develop a software solution that would modernize the way restaurants run.

With the advancement of cloud-based computing, data aggregation, and social media, I want to shake up the idea of how restaurants could and should operate. With Menusifu, we can make choices for our businesses with actual data and insights, instead of relying on our gut instincts. With the use of software and apps, we can reduce costs, initiate marketing, and manage daily operations in ways that were never before possible.

This is the mission of Menusifu.”

——William Wang, Menusifu CEO

2013 Founded in New York, NY

2014 Established major offices in Midtown Manhattan, Chinatown and Flushing

2015 Received ZhenFund Angel Round Funding

2015 Set up a west coast office presence in Los Angeles, CA

2016 Set up offices in San Francisco, Atlanta and Houston

2017 Received A-round funding from prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital group

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!



Food is the world’s most common language, whether you use chopsticks, or a knife and fork. Sharing delicious food brings people together. That simple act draws smiles, enriches relationships, and creates happiness.

Our passion is food and people. The goal of Menusifu is to combine this love for good food with our love for our customers while creating a ground-breaking technological advancement that will propel restaurants forward.


Technology is changing the way people live more and more everyday. With the internet, restaurants are changing as well. Menusifu is not only a faster and more convenient ordering system, but it also brings data to the forefront of restaurant business operations. Because we are convinced that the restaurant industry needs to embrace technology to thrive, Menusifu developed an integrated mobile platform, self-help order, online order as well as other features. Intelligent decisions will help restaurants hold consumers’ attention and stand out from their competition – this is the Menusifu advantage.


The best life is an ongoing journey. Creating more flexible and functional ways to do business so you can spend more time on the things you love doing is what Menusifu thrives on. We make tasks easier, reduce confusion, eliminate waste, and most importantly, increase productivity.