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The Best Restaurant POS System

POS Interface Template

  • Supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and more
  • Displays customer information & order history automatically when a customer calls

  • Creates delivery address,  distance and route automatically
  • Generates customizable reports comparing desired business data

  • Customers can order with convenience with their tablets or mobiles
  • Booking, scheduling, and text notifications
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out, permission setting, and personnel statements
  • Detailed material and purchasing data management

Restaurant POS System iPad Interface

  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Order Page
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Table Distribution Page
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Staff Admin Page
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Food Managning

Restaurant POS System Cell Phone Interface

  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Net Sales Viewing
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Coupon
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Phone Ordering
  • Restaurant POS System Interface_Payment Page

  • Review your business data from a smartphone in real time
  • Loyalty programs like membership, coupons, gift cards, and customer engagement system
  • Allows customers to place an order on the smartphone
  • Supports WeChat pay, Alipay, APPLE Pay, and EMV integration


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