January 28, 2023



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Shake Shack Is Ditching Plastic Straws at Locations Across America

Danny Meyer’s ever-growing burger chain Shake Shack is eliminating plastic straws at all locations across the United States. Yesterday (Earth Day), the company tweeted about its plans to use “compostable, plant-based straws” instead of the plastic ones, along with the message, “We know we’ve got more work to do, but we’re excited to take this small step in helping to protect the environment.” The move was announced on the same day that the City of Los Angeles — where there are currently eight Shake Shack locations — officially banned plastic straws for companies with more than 26 employees (everyone else has till the fall to make the switch). Thanks in large part to the efforts of non-profit environmental group the Surfrider Foundation, ditching plastic straws became one of the biggest restaurant trends of 2018. By making the switch to compostable straws, Meyer and Co. are most certainly saving the lives of countless baby turtles and other sea creatures around the world.