iPad POS(Host Require)

Product superiority

  • Order quickly; Payment time decreased by 5 to 10 minutes per table
  • Portable and convenient, customers can see pictures of dishes
  • No worry about disconnection. All data is stored on the local server
  • Directly sent to the kitchen in your customized language
  • Manage your restaurant by detailed analysis reports
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Support both iOS and Android platforms
  • Support gift card, membership and VIP
  • Display the meal map and record customer information
  • Support CallerID
  • Customize different permissions based on different users
  • Support a variety of different printers

Product Description

Package includes

  1. An ipad with a POS software license certificate
  2. A printer
  3. A cash drawer
  4. Boss report software for real-time monitoring
  5. Remote technical support in the first year
  6. First time input menu