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POS system

Menusifu POS is all about data to its very core. Menusifu offers you a variety of different services, besides recording your daily transactions, Menusifu POS helps you consolidate sales, inventory, and labor. Scaling your business becomes truly painless, giving you more time to get back to what you love. Ideal for restaurants with full-service, delivery, buffet, dessert, or drink locations.


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  • Multi-functional
  • Multi-languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, etc.
  • Versatile, easy to learn and interface with customized settings
  • Quickly processes orders with real-time synchronization with the kitchen, effectively enhancing turnover rate
  • Advanced inventory management with material usage, ingredient storage data and purchase prediction
  • Intelligent database with deep analysis on sales, suppliers, and customers
  • Provides accurate employee performance reports
  • Practical and precise recommendations on restaurant management
  • Cloud and local storage available
  • Secure data protection
  • Secure multi-payment method
  • Accurate employee performance reports


  • Table turnover rate enhanced by 5-10 minutes through faster order and payment;
  • Enhance brand awareness, customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Versatile, easy to learn interface with customized settings
  • Practical and precise data-driven advice on restaurant management
  • Secure data protection and smooth operation with both cloud and local storage available

Ideal for Full Service Restaurant、Delivery Restaurant、Buffet、Beverage/Dessert