November 10, 2023



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Restaurant Engagement: Over 90% of Diners Prefer This Approach

The importance of restaurant digitization in customer acquisition is increasingly evident, primarily because modern consumers rely more on digital technology and online channels to find, choose, and interact with restaurants.

A new consumer study by Censuswide indicates the growing significance of smart technology in the restaurant industry, permeating the entire process from consumers searching for restaurants to establishing customer loyalty.

In recent years, the restaurant industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. With the rapid development of digital technology, restaurants are no longer confined to traditional models but seize opportunities for disruption and innovation.

So, in the competitive digital age, how can restaurants win more customers? Below are three key indicators that restaurant owners must keep in mind!

How Customers Search for Restaurants

The study found that 40% of customers use Google to search for restaurants, while 38% use food delivery apps to discover new dining establishments.

Once discovering a new restaurant, 82% of customers visit the restaurant's website, and 78% browse customer comments and reviews on the website for further research on the restaurant's information.

These results highlight the crucial role of the digital image in leaving a favorable first impression on your customers. Restaurants need to embrace the digital era, actively utilize various platforms to showcase their unique features and advantages, and enhance visibility and reputation to gain an advantage in the early stages of attracting customers.

Why Customers are Willing to Pay

The study reveals that factors influencing customers' decisions to order from a specific restaurant include a variety of menu options (90%), menu item prices (92%), and higher health and safety standards (89%).

The research also shows that 50% of consumers prefer ordering directly from the restaurant, with 44% doing so for a better-personalized ordering experience.

Furthermore, 65% of consumers prefer ordering takeout or delivery through the restaurant's website or app, indicating the importance of a seamless digital experience in building brand loyalty.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Lastly, the study further emphasizes the importance of digitization in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The "humanization" elements of technology can help drive personalized development in restaurants, allowing customers to truly experience convenience and feel valued. This all-encompassing combination of technology and service ultimately enhances the restaurant's digital brand image.

In the survey, most respondents highlighted positive experiences through interacting with restaurants using new technology, especially in areas where satisfaction was the highest.

In conclusion, the importance of restaurant digitization in customer acquisition cannot be ignored in today's fiercely competitive market. By effectively leveraging digital channels, restaurants can better meet the needs of modern consumers, increase sales and loyalty, and improve operational efficiency. This enables restaurants to stay competitive and attract more customers.