October 16, 2023



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2 Billion Potential Customers: 35% of Business Owners Eager to Explore

Generation Alpha, born between 2011 and 2024, the first citizens of the 21st century, are quietly reshaping the world. Some haven't even met the world yet, prompting the question: Is it too early to start paying attention to Generation Alpha?

However, a recent survey report reveals a surprising fact: Generation Alpha is becoming an emerging force, and their purchasing power has already transformed many households.

Today, "North American Restaurant Data" reveals how the preferences of this new generation will disrupt the future of the restaurant industry!

01. Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha is set to reach 200 million people by 2025, according to a staggering number from Australia's McCrindle Research report. Globally, the growth of this generation will be primarily driven by populous countries such as China, India, and Nigeria. The oldest members of Generation Alpha have begun to enter their teens, where they will start making purchasing decisions and forming unique preferences. This trend will have profound effects on future markets, bringing limitless business opportunities.

Parents of Generation Alpha mostly belong to the millennial generation, and their choices regarding food have become a top priority in daily life. Moreover, technology and the internet are closely intertwined with them. According to our research, over 50% of Generation Alpha is already loyal fans of YouTube and TikTok under parental supervision. Generation Alpha has unique tastes, eager to try various exotic dishes and foods similar to what their parents enjoy.

  • 31% of Generation Alpha already consumes plant-based foods multiple times a week, including popular items like oat milk and Beyond Beef.
  • 84% of Generation Alpha watches content on YouTube, and 51% on TikTok.
  • 56% of Generation Alpha parents say they buy new foods seen on TV or online for their children.
  • 35% of food service operators state that Generation Alpha is "very" or "extremely" important to their business.

Therefore, we cannot look at children's menus through traditional lenses; it has far exceeded the realm of buttered bread and plain fried chicken. The key to enhancing the appeal of children's menus in the future may involve incorporating more global flavors, plant-based foods, and cutting-edge sauces and seasonings.

02. 3 Key Data Points for Restaurants

03. Enhancing the Restaurant Atmosphere for Parent-Child Interaction

To attract families to your restaurant, consider creating a unique children's menu! Here are some suggestions to make your restaurant more appealing to modern parents and children:

  • Parent-Child Activity Area: Set up a dedicated parent-child activity area with toys, books, coloring pages, and other children's entertainment facilities. This area allows children to have something to do before or during meals, giving parents peace of mind.
  • Children's Menu and Utensils: Tailor food specifically for children, with flavors that are sweet, sour, and moderate. Use colorful utensils such as cartoon-themed plates and cutlery to make dining a joyful and happy experience for children.
  • Customized Parent-Child Meals: Offer specially customized parent-child meals, including food combinations suitable for both children and parents. This can encourage families to dine together.