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Online Order & Exclusive App

Professional web design integrated with the POS system extends your identity, from tempting food photos to a simple customizable order page, we make it easy for your customers to get exactly what they want. Ideal for restaurants with full-service, delivery, buffet, dessert, or drink locations

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  • Design personalized website and mobile app
  • Provide detailed dishes information through the Online Order system
  • Promote Internet interactivity
  • Collect diners’ consumption data with taste preferences
  • Exclusively designed website and mobile App owned by restaurants
  • Orders sent directly to the POS system to reduce process time and mistakes
  • Multiple online payment options
  • Collection of diners’ consumption behaviors and taste preferences
  • Membership and customer loyalty programs


  • Enhance brand image and improve restaurant awareness
  • Provide customers with convenient online ordering experience
  • Provides customers with convenient online ordering experience
  • Avoids expensive service fee from third party delivery platforms
  • Replaces phone calls and saves labor costs
  • Expands on dish information through Online Order system
  • Enhances customer interactivity, brand image, and restaurant awareness

Ideal for Full-Service Restaurant, Delivery Restaurant, Buffet, Beverage/Dessert