Menusifu: Food, Tech, Life

When bringing together the innovations of technology, with the heritage of the food industry, the possibilities are limitless. What Menusifu offers are the most advanced point-of-sales systems, reliable solutions, and data-driven insights. We aim to simplify restaurant operations by making them easier and smarter. “Food, tech, and life” is who we are at Menusifu. It is what defines us.

The POS system that lives up to its full potential

Our premier point-of-sales system, called Menusifu POS, is a series of multilevel cloud-base systems that utilize restaurants' performance and history to create insightful data and in-depth analytical reports. Menusifu POS is the technological heart of a restaurant, since it integrates with your inventory and customer management system. This central hub works seamlessly with all other Menusifu software.

Menusifu POS is also available in tablet form.

Menusifu POS

Menusifu E-Menu

Bring menus to life

Menusifu E-Menu brings the traditional menus to a tablet to expand the dining experience. Curious eaters will be treated to your alluring food photos so they know exactly what they are ordering. This allows you to highlight new dishes, as well as compel your customers to try new culinary tastes.

Make fast food even faster

Menusifu Self-Order is ideal for restaurants that specialize in quick eats. It enables customers to order straight from their smartphones while waiting on line, increasing your turnover rate. The shorter the wait, the faster they can enjoy your food and get on with their lives.

Menusifu Self-Order

Available on all devices

Menusifu’s software and apps are available on iOS, Android tablets and smartphones.

All Platforms

Realtime Reports Give You An Easy Overview

Our Menusifu POS collects all of your customer transactions, and translates that information into easy to understand reports and graphs. We at Menusifu know that smart restaurants are data driven, so we’ve made it simple for you to make the best and most accurate decisions for your business.
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  • Inventory Control
    Know immediately if ingredients are low so you can reorder in time.
  • Sales by Dishes
    By knowing which is your best selling dishes, you can optimize your purchase of raw ingredients.
  • Staff Management
    Manage your staff scheduling more efficiently, based on performance and monitoring your staff productivity.
  • Customer Relations Management
    Bring back lost customers, while keeping your loyal eaters happy.