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Project Description

Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods is a chain of fast casual restaurants based in New York City that serves authentic Northern Chinese dishes. It has been featured in many television shows, such as the Cooking Channel’s Food, Kelly Choi’s Eat Out New York, and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. It has also appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and many more. As of 2016, Xi’an Famous Foods has twelve stores that span Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

  • Store Number: 11
  • Menusifu Terminals: 40
  • Challenges:
    • Fast food restaurant needs “speed”
    • To be accurate with all the orders
  • Solutions:
    • We simplify the ordering process, POS can easily modify orders as customers preference
    • We have integrated kitchen displays in the kitchen, it displays the orders that are received. This fastens the serving time, printing time and reduces errors
    • The convenience to check the status of the orders from the front desk
    • Monitors inventory levels and automatically generate purchase orders





Xi’an Famous Foods


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