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Project Description

Iris Tea & Bakery

Iris Tea & Bakery was established in 2011, introduces fine, Taiwanese pastries and tea. Iris focuses on the development of fresh and healthy bakery products. All of their bread and pastries are prepared and baked hourly to ensure delivery of the best quality products. Iris also develops their own natural yeast for all of their organic pastries. Natural and Healthy is IRIS’ promise. 

  • Store Number: 3
  • Menusifu Terminals: 5
  • Challenges:
    • Fast order with customized add-ons ( sugar, ice, etc.)
    • Small orders, more loyalty customers acquisition
  • Solutions:
    • Customized, easy and fast modifier setup for milk tea shop
    • Dual display with customer order information and promotions
    • Membership, coupons, gift card in a loyalty program



Iris Tea & Bakery




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