Shake Shack Is Ditching Plastic Straws at Locations Across America

Shake Shack makes the switch to compostable straws Danny Meyer’s ever-growing burger chain Shake Shack is eliminating plastic straws at all locations across the United States. Yesterday (Earth Day), the company tweeted about its plans to use “compostable, plant-based straws” instead of the plastic ones, along with the message, “We know we’ve got more work [...]

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For consumers, the experience of ordering food through an app or even over the phone is missing one factor critical to a restaurant’s profitability: a server. Without that face-to-face interaction, the art of suggestive selling is eliminated, along with the potential for boosting the check. However, operators are employing several strategies to help increase delivery [...]

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Show to offer tips on labor development

Any restaurateur will tell you that one of their most difficult challenges is labor – especially recruiting and retaining great employees. The reasons? For one, the prolonged economic expansion has led to a tighter labor market that is affecting many industries. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, restaurant [...]

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Essentials for courting, retaining millennials

By David Galante, senior director, Food & Beverage Solutions Management, Oracle With the food and beverage industry moving lightning fast, restaurant managers are pulled in more directions than ever in their day-to-day routines, making their reliance on team members — specifically a growing millennial workforce — more critical than ever. With the right technology, every member [...]

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Domino’s U.S. same-store sales rose 3.9% in the U.S. in the first quarter, the company said Wednesday, extending a remarkable eight-year run of uninterrupted growth in the key metric for the tech-savvy pizza chain. But it was the company’s slowest performance in more than five years and was lower than many analysts expected. At least part [...]

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6 ways your restaurant should embrace the digital transformation

By Joseph Brady, senior director of Digital Marketing, Reliant Funding Welcome to the Experience Age. An average of three startups are launched per second, and each one is determined to become a nationwide success. Among businesses, the restaurant industry is one of the top boomers. It's predictedthat by 2029, there will be 1.6 million jobs [...]

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Why playing the ‘right’ background music increases sales

Restaurants that play a carefully selected mix of music reflecting its culture can increase sales by more than 9 percent, according to a five-month study conducted in 2016 by researchers at HUI Research, using Soundtrack Your Brand's curation model and streaming platform. It also found that playing no music at all is better than playing [...]

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Delivery: Will it drive sales or gobble up profits?

By Christopher Sebes, president, Xenial (formerly known as Heartland Commerce). There certainly has been a lot of buzz around delivery. Take, for example, the recent news about YUM —  parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell — investing $200 million in Grubhub to help the company expand its network and eventually provide delivery services to Taco Bell and KFC customers. [...]

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McDonald’s to Acquire Tech Company Dynamic Yield

McDonald’s, eager to leverage its size to gain an advantage in the competitive fast-food market, on Monday said it plans to acquire Dynamic Yield, a personalization and decision logic technology firm based in New York and Tel Aviv. The deal is valued at $300 million, according to people familiar with the matter. The Chicago-based burger [...]

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Tech innovations leaving restaurateurs wondering how to upgrade without starting over

Technology innovations dominated much of the show floor this week at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, and while interesting, they also presented a challenge to foodservice operators, who have already invested in point-of-sale systems and other IT infrastructure. Many were left asking how they could integrate upgrades into their legacy systems, for example. [...]

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