Why playing the ‘right’ background music increases sales

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Restaurants that play a carefully selected mix of music reflecting its culture can increase sales by more than 9 percent, according to a five-month study conducted in 2016 by researchers at HUI Research, using Soundtrack Your Brand's curation model and streaming platform. It also found that playing no music at all is better than playing

Delivery: Will it drive sales or gobble up profits?

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By Christopher Sebes, president, Xenial (formerly known as Heartland Commerce). There certainly has been a lot of buzz around delivery. Take, for example, the recent news about YUM —  parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell — investing $200 million in Grubhub to help the company expand its network and eventually provide delivery services to Taco Bell and KFC customers.

McDonald’s to Acquire Tech Company Dynamic Yield

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McDonald’s, eager to leverage its size to gain an advantage in the competitive fast-food market, on Monday said it plans to acquire Dynamic Yield, a personalization and decision logic technology firm based in New York and Tel Aviv. The deal is valued at $300 million, according to people familiar with the matter. The Chicago-based burger

Tech innovations leaving restaurateurs wondering how to upgrade without starting over

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Technology innovations dominated much of the show floor this week at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, and while interesting, they also presented a challenge to foodservice operators, who have already invested in point-of-sale systems and other IT infrastructure. Many were left asking how they could integrate upgrades into their legacy systems, for example.

Intelligent digital communications changing the world: Are you ready for it?

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Drive-thru and other types of restaurant digital signage are getting smarter nearly by the second, which could trigger customer connection opportunities for restaurant operators.Personalized messages and real-time situational response to customers' needs is rapidly approaching with the aid of artificial intelligence and deep learning. With deep learning, AI-driven platforms evaluate large data sets, typically in

Pressure is mounting on food delivery app DoorDash to change its controversial tipping policy

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For a moment, it seemed like the food delivery app DoorDash would get away largely unscathed over allegations that it was pocketing its workers’ tips. Now, with an official investigation and a tech worker boycott, there’s a growing problem for the company over its tipping policies. Last month, DoorDash — along with other food and

How will next-gen chefs contribute to restaurants of the future?

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A new report examines student ideas for innovation, efficiency and technology from the National ProStart Invitational. Have you ever wondered what restaurants in the future might look like? Will they feature menus that scientifically boost your mood or be retrofitted into solar-powered food trucks? Those are just a couple of the ideas some next-generation chefs

Dinner for One: How Restaurants Welcome Solo Diners

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Most restaurants set tables for groups. Certain reservation booking systems only offer seating for parties of two. But, despite the fact that restaurants are designed as social spaces, complete with menus of “share plates,” some restaurants are embracing the presence of the solo diner. “I think it’s a real compliment,” New York City restaurateur Will

Digital ordering to triple by 2020

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Restaurant digital orders have grown an average of 23 percent, per year since 2013, and will triple by the end of 2020, according to a report from NPD Group. The report, called Delivering Digital Convenience, found that 70 percent of a restaurant's digital orders come through its mobile app or its website, with the remaining

Chipotle’s digital sales climb 66 percent

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Chipotle Mexican Grill reported late Wednesday afternoon that its efforts in digitizing its restaurant experience is paying off as revenue increased 10.4 percent to $1.2 billion and that same-store sales were up 6.1 percent in fourth quarter, ended Dec. 31, 2018. "I'm very pleased to report strong fourth quarter results with 6.1 percent comparable restaurant