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8 reasons restaurants need a kiosk strategy

8 reasons restaurants need a kiosk strategy July 12, 2018 By Bruce Rasmussen/Ingenico Director of Strategic Verticals Customers today have become very tech savvy and expect the same level of technological sophistication wherever they shop. In this fast-paced environment, consumers are looking to [...]

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4 loyalty programs to boost coffee sales

In the restaurant industry, coffee has big profit potential: 64% of consumers say they drink coffee at least once per month, according to Technomic’s 2016 Beverage report. But with about 11,000 chains and 14,000 independent cafes, coffee shops and coffeehouses across the [...]

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7 ways the restaurant market is changing

Independents and small regional chains are outfoxing the restaurant industry’s lumbering big brands, agreed speakers at a first-time conference for emerging restaurant powerhouses. But upstarts and the old guard alike are about to confront challenges that will test operations of all sizes [...]

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