Menusifu is the bridge between food and technology.


I always feel proud when people call me a foodie! I started in the food industry over 10 years ago as a busboy. And through hard work, I became the manager. From my experience, I know fully well how difficult and stressful it is to run your own restaurant.

What inspired me to create Menusifu was hearing all the horror stories from my fellow restaurant owners. Some have lost their entire life savings due to avoidable, poor decisions. It became clear that their main problem was that they operated in the traditional, chaotic way. I knew that I had to find a solution to these issues and modernize the restaurant.

With the advancement of cloud base computing, data aggregation, and social media, I want to shake up the idea of how restaurants could and should operate. We can make choices for our businesses with actual data and insights, instead of relying on our gut feelings. With the use of software and apps, we can reduce costs, initiate marketing, and manage daily operations in ways that were never before possible.

- William Wang, Founder

Our Philosophy



Food is the common language that we share with our customers. It is something that nourishes us and enriches our lives. When Menusifu was founded, we chose the food service industry as its main focus for a reason. We love food in all aspects, just as much as you and your customers. The growing impact of food culture shows that consumers are investing more time and effort in their daily search for a better dining experience. Therefore, it is vital for you to make the right decisions to catch the attention of these choosy consumers, and to stay competitive.


Tech is the core of our company. It is the tools that we use to build the eventual standard in restaurant operation. The data our POS system collects will give you insights on how your restaurant is running, and also advises you on how to run a successful and modern one. We are building smart restaurants, and creating smarter owners, servers, cashiers, and eaters.



A better life is an ongoing journey that we all strive for. Creating an easier and better lifestyle is what Menusifu thrives on. We make tasks easier, reduce confusion, eliminate waste, and most importantly, increase productivity. Menusifu shares your restaurant’s concerns, so as we inspire change and improve your lives, so will in turn embetter our own.


  • 2013 Founded in New York City
    2015 Received Zhen Fund Angel Round Fund
  • 2014 Expanded to 3 offices in New York
    2015 Opened Los Angeles office
    2016 Team of more than 30 energetic, bright-minded, and hungry thinkers, (and growing!)
  • Nanjing 321 Project Top 10 winner
    Chunhui Cup Startup Competition winner
  • 2015 Heartland Payment Systems
    2015 First Data Solution
    2015 TSYS Merchant Solution
    2015 PAX Technology
    2016 Mercury Solution
    2016 Moneris Solution
    2016 WeChat Pay & Alipay

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