1. Are there any restrictions on the POS demo version?

No, the demo is a full working version of POS Professional. However, it will only run on one computer at a time. To contact us first. Tel: 88-809-8867

2. How long is the free trial?

The free trial is 30 days, after that you will have to purchase POS to continue using it.

3. Will I lose my data once I purchase?

Once purchased you will not lose any data from your POS software demo period.

4. On the demo what is the default password?

The default password is 11. This should be changed, for security reasons, when you setup your own database.

5. Do I need any special hardware?

No, to use POS all you need is a computer, monitor and mouse. However, POS is specifically designed to work with any touchscreen monitor, cash drawer, credit card swiper and receipt printer. Additionally, if you wish to use the id scanning functionality, you will need to purchase a Scan Shell id scanner from our website.

6. Do I need any additional software?

No, POS contains all you need to get up and running. To run the music functionality of POS, all you need is Windows Media Player, which is available free from Microsoft.

7. What are the different price levels?

All levels of POS come standard with ALL features. Price levels are determined based on the number of computer stations that will be connected to the database at one time. Once installed on a station, there is no limit to the number of servers that can be cashed in. Additional stations can be purchased initially or added later as your business grows.

8. Are there any other charges?

POS has an unlimited support fee starting as well as we provided. This gives you phone, email, and remote support access to 24/7 US based support and free upgrades.

In addition, we offer an optional + special server service feature. This optional add-on gives you access to reports and remote backup through us and full use of our mobile device applications including a mobile reporting application and a order at the table mobile application.

Both applications are available in the Apple/IOS App Store.