Let Menusifu Help You Boost Your Sales

Every restaurant owner struggles with one simple universal question. How will we keep our customers engaged satisfied and happy so that they keep coming back. Menusifu strives to help them answer this question by learning from the traditional experience a customer has at the register and then transcending the experience by developing a comprehensive well-rounded self-service solution.

Depending on the restaurant it is all to common to encounter a long line as you wait to place an order for takeout as an example. This is where online self ordering can work together with the stores kiosks. Menusifu’s mobile self-order system enables a customer to order from their mobile phones while in line, simply by scanning a QR code. This is but a taste of what will be introduced at the upcoming NRA show where Menusifu is set to roll out there latest order kiosks along with connected apps. The new kiosks are used to compliments the original register experience while improving service by helping reduce the lines , says Weiqi Ma. Ma also adds that the new system helps with the accuracy of orders, plus customers are also be able to customize their food order.

Another part of the experience of dinning out is the one you have with your waiter. And as many regions like New York parts of California experience an ever expansing shift to a higher minimum wage, now more than ever productivity of your waiter has to evolve. Now simply with a iPad or Android table the waiter takes the order right into the full Menusifu point of sales system. simplifying the process , reducing stress in a holistic digital approach . It gives them more time to serve more customers and creates a better work environment.

Another important component to help boost sales is your customer loyalty program. Chances are, about 80 percent of your customers are people who’ve been to your restaurant before. They’ve eaten your food; they love your food; and you want to keep them coming back.  But loyalty programs have their pitfalls, and one of them is that if you don’t make it easy for them to register, they aren’t going to do it, says Weiqi Ma. So Menusifu created point of sale systems and customer relationship management tools that make it easy for you to integrate a loyalty program. One thats also simple and intuitive for your customer use.

“You go to the restaurant, you get a receipt, and there’s a QR code right there to scan for points for your order,” he said. “With the QR code, it’s much easier for them to register and get points.”

It is no surprise that even though Menusifu is only two years old, it is rapidly growing, and its systems are already being used in more than 1,000 restaurants nationwide, because it’s customizable, easy to use and simple to set up.

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